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Let's get this one out of the way. Are you lost and looking for some help? Try the site tour to get a sampling of what BIOLOGY4KIDS has to offer. Just look for the tour button and click!
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You already read about the Site Tour. We have a few other things for you...
- A Site Map to help you get to specific ideas.
- If you're just browsing around, you'll find a search function on most pages.
- About 100 photo taxonomy and species examples of organisms and their classifications.

Who are we?

BIOLOGY4KIDS was originally a part of It all started in 1997 and a little over a year later, our biology site was launched. Why do we do it? We think that science and technology should be fun and enjoyable. We have fun making the sites, we hope our visitors have a good time while they are here. If you want to see what pages are available, visit our site map.


All of the Rader's sites use three plug-ins...
- Adobe Flash
- Apple QTVR
- We're trying to make our new activities in HTML5 so that iOS users can use the materials in the future.

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