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Not only are there loads of specialties in the field of biology, there are also loads of career paths you could choose. Some are 100% biology, while others use biology every day but focus on other work for their job. Some examples...


You all know what a doctor is. Doctors need to know loads about biochemistry and the chemical reactions going on in your body and cells. Not only how they work normally, but what happens when they go wrong. They also have to understand how drugs affect the system.


This is a great job for someone who loves to appreciate the beauty and complexity in nature. These folks might travel to remote areas just to get a picture of an endangered species or work with a company that makes nature books. They get to travel and figure out many ways to get the best pictures or video of organisms from around the planet.

Museum Curator

The history of biology is incredibly important. Darwin wouldn't have been able to come up with his theories if he hadn't seen many specimens in museums. Curators are usually experts in specific fields of biology (mammals, plants, insects, or fish). They not only work at the museum but also may travel around the world to find new specimens.

Zoos and Aquariums

We left this one general because there are so many things you can do. You could care for one type of animal. If you did you would have to have years of training in behavior and physiology for that type of animal. You could be a veterinarian. That one's always tough at a zoo because you work with so many exotic animals. You might wind up working with the only animal of that kind in captivity. Talk about pressure.


We have a section on viruses and bacteria. There are people working in labs every day trying to figure out ways to cure diseases to humans, plants and animals. There are also researchers working with the wee ones to find a way to help humanity. All of the positions require an understanding of their life-cycle and genetics.

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